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The Association of Medical Cannabis Patients ODV was born in April 2019 from the experience gained in previous associations to protect patients' rights in a more serious and institutional way. Supported by a pool of doctors, pharmacists and professionals in the sector but maintaining freedom of thought, political and denominational, and action, it was decided to give birth to an ONLUS or ODV Association of patients and trained people who can support us, to be able to give life to a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the therapy we are following, spreading the message we represent as much as possible and protecting ourselves from any problems that are slowly emerging even in this world. Furthermore we fight for the rights to care and continuity of therapy for ALL to be guaranteed, starting to enforce article 32 of the Constitution to which our Association appeals and has taken the first steps since the opening of its group of Facebook, PAIN AND THERAPEUTIC HEMP. Our "mission" at this time is to protect the sick because we are






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